Bailey's 4.5 Ton

3' Helper Chain Bailey's 4.5 Ton Snatch Block
3' Helper ChainBailey's 4.5 Ton Snatch Block
3' Helper Chain: 3/8" x 3' Grade 70 Chain w/Grab Hook on one end, slip hook with latch on the other end. PART #: BSB4-HC UNIT: Each WEIGHT: 8 WLL: 6,600 lbs The chain is perfect for positioning a snatch block where you need on a rollback. It is...Bailey's 4.5 Ton Snatch Block PART #: BSB45 SHEAVE SIZE: 4" UNIT: Each WLL: 4.5 Ton CABLE/ROPE SIZE: Up to 7/16" WEIGHT: 8 The Bailey's Snatch Block is designed for operators who want a better all-purpose snatch block that is affordable and made...