Bailey's Synthetics™ Compact Slings, Pair

Bailey's Synthetics™ Compact Slings, Pair
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  • Item #: CSP-Compact
  • Manufacturer: Bailey's Towing Accessories Inc.
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Price $248.00

Bailey's Synthetics™ Compact Slings, Pair (Choose Size Above)  ***Made in the USA***

 * 5-7 Business Day Build Time *

Said to be tougher than woodpecker lips, and we agree!

Just like our Bailey's Sling; but a compact size making it extremely versatile.  The Bailey's Compact Sling is available in four sizes; 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" & 9/16".  Choose your size above.    

The sling is made of 12 strand amsteel blue and is cordura covered (6' in length) with a 30" Urethane non-moveable sleeve.   Eyes are 6".  The versatility of this sling for other rigging applications is endless.

Worling Load Limits: Safety Factor 5:1 **Every Sling is Proof Tested** 

3/8": 3,520 Lbs Vertical, 7,040 Lbs. Basket, MBS 17,600 Lbs.

7/16": 4,300 Lbs. Vertical, 8,600 Lbs. Basket, MBS 21,500 Lbs.

1/2": 6,120 Lbs. Vertical, 12,240 Lbs. Basket, MBS 30,600 Lbs.

9/16": 7,300 Lbs. Vertical, 14,600 Lbs. Basket, MBS 36,500 Lbs.


Check out a video of the Bailey's Sling (7/8" x 6') in use: 

For more videos like this one; check out Pepe's You Tube Channel!  We had a blast working with Pepe's to perfect these slings!  

Below is some great information on Samson's Dyneema.

Looking for the "original" Bailey Sling, Part # CSP

The Bailey's Sling is also available in longer/larger size, Part # CSP-7815  

Looking for a larger size and/or WLL Synthetic Sling; no problem give us a call at 919-562-2984.  Here is an example of the Bailey's Sling but in custom length/size.  The sling is 15' in length, 1-1/8" with a 5' Urethane coated Chafe guard. 

For specifics on Amsteel Blue; click here: 
Container Sling


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