Bailey's Synthetics™ Larger Sling, 7/8" x 15'

Bailey's Synthetics™ Larger Sling, 7/8" x 15'
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  • Item #: CSP-7815
  • Manufacturer: Bailey's Towing Accessories Inc.
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Price $713.00

Bailey's Synthetics™ Larger Sling, 7/8" x 15' With 5' or 10' Urethan Sleeve  ***Made in the USA***

 * 5-7 Business Day Build Time *

Said to be tougher than woodpecker lips, and we agree!

Just like our Bailey's Sling; but a larger size making it extremely versatile.  The Bailey's Larger Sling is used on jobs were more length and sling protection is needed, like for concrete truck recoveries.   

The sling is made of 12 strand amsteel blue and cordura covered (15' in length) with a 5' or 10' Urethane non-moveable sleeve.   Eyes are 6".  The versatility of this sling for other rigging applications is endless.  (You Choose Urethane sleeve size above).

Worling Load Limits: Safety Factor 5:1 **Every Sling is Proof Tested**

7/8": 16,340 Lbs. Vertical, 32,680 Basket, MBS 81,700 Lbs.

Sold: Individually

Check out a video of the Bailey's Sling (7/8" x 6') in use: 

For more videos like this one; check out Pepe's You Tube Channel!  We had a blast working with Pepe's to perfect these slings!  

Below is some great information on Samson's Dyneema.

Looking for the "original" Bailey Sling, Part # CSP

The Bailey's Sling is also available in compact sizes, Part # CSP-Compact.  

Looking for a larger size and/or WLL Synthetic Sling; no problem give us a call at 919-562-2984.  Here is an example of the Bailey's Sling but in custom length/size.  The sling is 15' in length, 1-1/8" with a 5' Urethane coated Chafe guard. 

For specifics on Amsteel Blue; click here: 
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