Bailey's Synthetics™ Urethane Sleeve

Bailey's Synthetics™ Urethane Sleeve
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  • Item #: USX-X
  • Manufacturer: Bailey's Towing Accessories Inc.
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Bailey's Synthetics™ Urethane Sleeve    ***Made in the USA***

Sold: Each

The toughest rigging protection available!  Protection for any rigging, not just synthetics!  It's the ULTIMATE protection for Bailey's Sling, Bailey's Compact & Larger Slings, Bailey's Grommet Slings and Round slings.  If you have used our slings, you know how tough they are; now you can double protect your investment along with protecting additional places on the sling.  

  • Standard sizes available:
  • Part #: US2-24, 2" Inside Diameter by 24" Length
  • Part #: US2-36, 2" Inside Diameter by 36" Length
  • Part #: US3-24, 3" Inside Diameter by 24" Length
  • Part #: US3-36, 3" Inside Diameter by 36" Length 
  • *Custom sizes are available by calling 919-562-2984.
  • *Sleeves can be cut by you for any specific length by a fine-tooth metal Sawzall blade.

The 2" Bailey's Urethan Sleeve will fit anything smaller than 2".  The Bailey's Sling, Compact Sling and Larger Sling (all 7/8") will fit inside the 2" Bailey's Urethane Sleeve.  The Bailey's 1/2" & 5/8" Grommet will also fit inside.

The 3" Bailey's Urethane Sleeve will fit anything smaller than 3" including blue round slings.

The Bailey's Urethane Sleeve utilizes the same blue urethane found on our Bailey's Slings.  This Urethane formula is known to be the toughest protection available.  You will not find better rigging protection than our Bailey's Urethane Sleeve.


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