GrabIQ, G100 1/2", 12' Single Chain W/Twist Lock Cradle Grab

GrabIQ, G100 1/2", 12' Single Chain W/Twist Lock Cradle Grab
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  • Item #: Q10-S1212TL
  • Manufacturer: B/A Products
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Price $315.95

GrabIQ, Grade 100 Single Head Chain Assembly With Twist Lock Cradle Grab Hook, Size: 1/2" X 12'

**Also available in Non-Cradle Grab Hook; change part number listed below image to end with NT instead of TL**

WLL: 15,000 lbs. at 60 Degrees

Weight: 41 lbs.

  • Available in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8" sizes in standard 8', 12' and 16' lengths.  Stocked with Grab Hook, Sling Hook, Foundry Hook and Twist Lock Hook Styles.  Custom lengths and configurations are available upon request - just give us a call and it's as good as done! Also available in Single leg.


  • Well-suited for all sorts of rigging, including multi-leg slings, baskets, and chokers.
  • Heavy Duty Grade 100 Chain
  • Reduced fittings at the top of the chain sling reduces clutter and simplifies the rigging process.
  • Built-in shortening pockets available for each leg.
  • Reduced sling weight and greater flexibility for rigging.
  • Fewer bearing points for reduced wear and increased sling life.
  • B/A Products Co. manufactures & welds (if needed) in USA! Grade 100 chain is produced from special alloy steel, meets or exceeds NACM, ASTM and OSHA specifications and has a gray protective coating.  It has a 25% higher working load limit compared to Grae 80.  This chain is approved for overhead lifting.


For available sizes; see part numbers below (for Double leg replace the letter "S" with "D"):

Q10-S51608TL         5/16″ x 8′
Q10-S51612TL         5/16″ x 12′
Q10-S51616TL         5/16″ x 16′
Q10-S3808TL           3/8″ x 8′
Q10-S3812TL           3/8″ x 12′
Q10-S3816TL           3/8″ x 16′
Q10-S1208TL           1/2″ x 8′
Q10-S1212TL           1/2″ x 12′
Q10-S1216TL           1/2″ x 16′
Q10-S5808TL           5/8″ x 8′
Q10-S5812TL           5/8″ x 12′
Q10-S5816TL           5/8″ x 16′