Line Eyez, Package of 3

Line Eyez, Package of 3
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  • Item #: 4-LECOLOR
  • Manufacturer: B/A Products
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Price $9.95

Line Eyez, Package of 3

Line Eyez Reflective Safety Markers are available in Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange & Yellow.  All are sold in packages of 3; see part numbers below:

  • Red - 4-LER
  • White - 4-LEW
  • Blue - 4-LEB
  • Green - 4-LEG
  • Orange - 4-LEO
  • Yellow - 4-LEY

LINE EYEZ SAVE LIVES!  They are the newest innovation in safety!

Highly visible/easily attachable refletive markers made in 6 distinctive colors that can be used for a variety of tasks.  How they are used:


  • Marking of winch lines going overtop of roadways.  This allows for greater visibility so that all vehicles (especially vulnerable motorcyclists) can better see and avoid intruding into your accident scene or similarly dangerous situation.
  • Color code your winch cables to the correct winch control handle making identification a snap.  The reflective markings are especially important in low light areas and areas with reduced visibility.
  • Using air bags?  Color code your air lines to the correct air control valve, saving you time, effort and the frustration of having to search through all of your lines to find the one you are looking for!  Will work on hoses up to 1" in diameter.