Little Jerk

Little Jerk
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  • Item #: JR-54
  • Manufacturer: B/A Products
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Price $415.00

The Little Jerk Shock Absorbing Link    ***Free Shipping in US****

The Jerk Rope shock absorbing links work by stretching upon initial loading, and then retracting, providing you with an extra boost of pulling force to help with the recovery of stuck vehicles.  This patented nylon web assembly connects with your existing chains, straps or cables with attached Grade 100 oblong master links on each end.  It's compact size makes it easy to transport and store, and the heavy duty Cordura Cover helps ot keep it protected.

Made in the USA

Four sizes available:

Mini Jerk, P/N: JR-20, 20,000 lb. Capacity

Little Jerk, P/N: JR-54, 54,000 lb. Capacity

Junior Jerk, P/N: JR-75, 75,000 lb. Capacity

Big Jerk, P/N: JR-100, 100,000 lb. Capacity

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