Move Over Strobe

Move Over Strobe
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  • Item #: MO9RWB
  • Manufacturer: Towmate
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Price $550.00

Move Over Strobe & TriPod

Tired of traffic that doesn’t move over while you are working roadside? The Move Over Strobe dominates the horizon with Super Bright Red, White, & Blue LED Strobe Lenses, sure to get the attention of the most distracted drivers. 

The Move Over Strobe is not intended for vehicle mounting or for use in motion. 
It is designed for Stationary Roadside Traffic Control Only. Misuse is not advised and can be illegal in your state.  

The Move Over Strobe Pod contains 8 light heads with 4 LEDs each (for a total of 32 LEDs) and is rechargeable.  The pod quickly and easily mounts to a tripod lasting 3 hours with a full charge.  The red/white/blue LEDs command the attention of passing motorist, prompting them to move over more effectively than amber alone.

Made in the USA and has a Lifetime Warranty on electronics and LEDs.

Package Includes:

  • SO9 Strobe Light Pod With 2200mh LITHIUM BATTERY

  • Cigarette Lighter Charge Cord

  • Fast Setup Compact Tripod

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