Nylon Steering Wheel Lock with Flat Hook and Loop

Nylon Steering Wheel Lock with Flat Hook and Loop
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  • Item #: 8-1
  • Manufacturer: B/A Products
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Nylong Steering Wheel Lock With Flat Hook & Loop

See image and description below for instructions of use:


Top of Steering Wheel Lock is a Loop.


1. Hold Loop against bottom of steering wheel with buckle facing dashboard.
2. Pull entire steering wheel lock under steering wheel and thread it through the loop (like putting on a neck tie).
3. Place bottom hook of steering wheel lock under seat mount to seat strut and tighten with buckle.


Note 1. After you adjust belt to a snug fit when closing the buckle will automatically tighten the lock more.
Note 2. Buckle releases by pressing “Push to Release” button on buckle.

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