Round Slings

Purple Round Slings: 2,600 lbs Vertical WLL; 2,100 lbs Choker WLL; 5,200 lbs Basket WLL

Green Round Slings: 5,300 lbs Vertical WLL; 4,200 lbs Choker WLL; 10,600 lbs Basket WLL

Yellow Round Slings: 8,400 lbs Vertical WLL; 6,700 lbs Choker WLL; 16,800 lbs Basket WLL

Red Round Slings: 13,200 lbs Vertical WLL; 10,600 lbs Choker WLL; 26,400 lbs Basket WLL

Blue Round Slings: 21,200 lbs Vertical WLL; 17,000 lbs Choker WLL; 42,400 lbs Basket WLL

Orange Round Slings: 40,000 lbs Vertical WLL; 32,000 lbs Choker WLL; 80,000 lbs Basket WLL


Note: This color code does not apply to the LiftAll KeyFlex Round Sling