Sling Shield, Up to 4" Web Sling

Sling Shield, Up to 4" Web Sling
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  • Item #: SS14
  • Manufacturer: LiftAll
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LiftAll Sling Shield, Up to 4" Web Sling:

A major cause of synthetic sling failure is cutting.  Sling Shield Edge Protectors prevent synthetic slings from being cut by load edges.  The low weight, high strength extruded aluminum body provides a full 1" radius to protect your slings from even the sharpest of load edges.  Stop replacing your synthetic slings and wear pads due to cutting.  Use the new LiftAll Sling Shields, availabe in three widths.


  • Aluminum bar with 1" radius supports basket or choker sling tensions of up to 25,000 lbs. per inch of sling width.
  • Polycarbonate end restraints help keep slings on bar when lifting at angles.
  • Magnet keeps Sling Shield in place on steel loads while rigging the lift.
  • Hook & Loop straps keep sling in position prior to lift.


  •  Improves Safety - Eliminates dropped loads caused by load edges cutting the sling.
  • Saves Time - Magnet and Hook & Loop straps greatly reduce rigging time.
  • Saves Money - No cut slings or wear pads means fewer replacement purchases.

 Available Sling Shields:

  • Up to 4" Web Sling: Part # SS14
  • Up to 6" Web Sling: Part # SS16
  • Up to 12" Web Sling: Part # SS112

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