Soft TD Kit W: 12' D Ring Straps, Chain Ratchets & Sleeves

Soft TD Kit W: 12' D Ring Straps, Chain Ratchets & Sleeves
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  • Item #: 39-KITD12
  • Manufacturer: B/A Products
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Price $172.96

Soft Tie Down Kit With 12' D Ring Straps, Chain Ratchets & Sleeves- B/A Heavy Duty Webbing   

This Soft Auto Tie-Down Strap Kit comes with 4 each: 12′ D Ring Straps, Chain Ratchets, and Velcro Fleece Sleeves + (1) Carrier Bag. 

Classic_Web_Icon 38-KITD12    B/A Polyester Classic Webbing
TE_icon V38-KITD12  B/A Tower’s Edge™ Webbing
BAHD_icon 39-KITD12   B/A Heavy Duty Webbing (B.A.H.D.) 

B/A Products Co. has been creating and manufacturing straps and web slings since 1980. They are proud to have helped to set the standards across the towing industry and stand by their products. Please see the information below and note the differences in the strap types before choosing which strap is the best fit for you. Webbing Manufactured in the USA.

WEBBING TAGS: All assemblies sewn by B/A Products Co. have a tag which identifies the material and the Work Load Limit of the assembly.

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